The Scrap Heap

The Scrap Heap

This personal site and blog has been built with Wordpress using a custom-designed theme. Although Wordpress is not as powerful or flexible a content management system as Drupal, it had a friendlier user interface and was more appropriate for this type of website at the time of construction.

To reflect the name of the website, the text appears to be being drawn up from within the rubbish heap when the page is scrolled.

Design Type: 
Fixed-Width design optimised for desktop and laptop computers only (but can be viewed on all devices).
The site is being actively maintained by the client and may look a little different from the image shown.

"Paul is thorough, quick, practical, friendly and always ready with advice and patient answers to any questions, no matter how basic or banal; he understands not all his clients are computer-literate and knows how to assist and clarify at all levels.  I would not hesitate to recommend his services."