Essential CMS Portfolio Websites

This is my foundation website service and normally forms the basis of the websites I produce. For most clients, this basic portfolio website is all that they require. The site can be elaborated and expanded to provide more complex functionality and a bespoke design, initially or at a later date, for which I am happy to provide a quotation.

I will set up and configure this site for you and enter the initial content for you as per your instructions.

Included in the price of £295*:

  • Choice of original, mobile-friendly, responsive designs
  • Multiple photo galleries
  • An article blog
  • Interactive contact form with anti-spam defence
  • Initial five freestyle pages
  • Free hosting for the first year
  • 2 months free maintenance and support

You can, of course, set up an unlimited number of pages yourself using the content management system. If you wish me to set up extra content for you, I will charge at my normal hourly rate.

* Note that you are expected to pay for your own domain name, as the price is variable. I can arrange the purchase for you as part of the service. (The hosting I currently use will actually give you a .com or .uk domain name for free so long as you continue to use their services. Please check with me that this still applies.)

Off-the-Shelf Designs


Arty Off-the-Shelf Design

This is a very characterful design with wooden picture frames around the header and content images. The background has oil paint brush marks.


Bold Off-the-Shelf Design

This layout has a dark grey block heading and matching sidebar titles. The menu is bold and centred. It has a very solid and formal feel and looks professional without distracting from the content.


Corporate Off-the-Shelf Design

Intended to have a business-like feel, this layout features a menu discretely nestling in the top right-hand corner and a heading with the appearance of being bowed outward.


Elegant Off-the-Shelf Design

The design features elegant borders and cursive headings. It has something of the appearance of a high-class restaurant menu.


Grungy Off-the-Shelf Design

Intended to be deliberately messy, the fonts are uneven and the headings are inclined at various angles.