I looked on the internet for a web designer and wellwovenwebsites popped up. I am happy I clicked onto this site and contacted Paul, the designer, and asked him to transform my old website and make it more appealing. I am happy with all the works he did to make my website better and the price was good and he couldn't do anymore for me. He researched pictures and logos and knew exactly what I wanted as a customer and I would happily use Paul again and highly recommend him.

Thank you very much.

Daniel Watts, AssocRics, Dip Hi Surv, urbansurveyor.com

Paul at Well Woven Websites was recommended to me by my Uncle, and for that I am extremely grateful. A consummate professional, Paul was extremely thorough in his work, and always prompt with his replies. Nothing was ever too much to ask, and if I'd requested something that was ill-advised, he was always keen to find the next best alternative. Exceptionally diligent and hard-working, I would recommend Paul to anyone looking for a slick, professional, personally-tailored website. Extremely pleased with both the process and the product!

Connor, connorgoing.com

Paul helped me with the design of a new website to cover my tour guiding and lecturing activities. I found him professional, helpful, and responsive. Even some time after the site was set up, he would still respond quickly if there were some issue or if I needed a tweak that I could not do myself. Previously I had a Blogger site via Google, and part of the commission was transferring the old site content to the new site and also getting the domain transferred to a new provider. This was not straightforward, requiring both ingenuity and tenacity, but Paul stuck to the task until it was successfully completed. Another important service feature for a website designer dealing with non-savvy people like me, is not making the client feel an idiot, and Paul was consistently patient and respectful on this count. I have no hesitation in recommending him and Well Woven Websites.

Colin, colinwalkslondon.com

I asked Paul to design me a website after a recommendation from another of his customers and he exceeded my expectations by not just producing a well-designed website but also by designing a nifty little logo for me.  He is responsive and intelligent, and what is more, he can explain what is needed in terms which the less IT-literate of us can understand. I definitely recommend him.

Anthony Davis, booksteps.co.uk

I have looked at my website, it's beautiful and classy in its own crazy, over the top...way. I am so pleased. You have translated and transformed my imaginings of what this client group will appreciate and be drawn to into reality. You are very talented.

...I feel I must have stumbled upon some good karma to have your help.

'Nanny Alice', nannyalice.co.uk