Content Management System (CMS)

Content management means the ability to log on to your website and change the text and pictures that appear on it yourself. This is an excellent solution for people who need to change the content of their website frequently. The other options are to learn HTML, CSS and PHP and alter your own website code, or to employ a web programmer to do this for you.

Because content management systems dynamically generate pages based on information stored in a database on the Internet, they can be extended to produce interactive websites such as blogs, forums, collaborative books, community websites, and so on.

All my websites are now built with a content management system, unless specifically requested otherwise. Currently, my preferred CMS framework is Drupal, although other frameworks may be considered and I have previously built websites with rudimentary bespoke content management in PHP.

I am also willing to maintain your website for you at my normal hourly rate should you require this service.