Colin Walks London

Screenshot of Colin Walks London website

This is another walks portfolio site with gallery and an article blog. The main part of this work was the transfer of a very substantial number of articles which were imported from and old Blogger site.


Paul helped me with the design of a new website to cover my tour guiding and lecturing activities. I found him professional, helpful, and responsive. Even some time after the site was set up, he would still respond quickly if there were some issue or if I needed a tweak that I could not do myself. Previously I had a Blogger site via Google, and part of the commission was transferring the old site content to the new site and also getting the domain transferred to a new provider. This was not straightforward, requiring both ingenuity and tenacity, but Paul stuck to the task until it was successfully completed. Another important service feature for a website designer dealing with non-savvy people like me, is not making the client feel an idiot, and Paul was consistently patient and respectful on this count. I have no hesitation in recommending him and Well Woven Websites.