Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation is a technique for presenting the content of your website in a favourable manner to search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Ask, Bing and others so that they can understand fully the content of your website and ensure you are ranked fairly. The aim is not to make your site appear more relevant than it is, but to make sure that you at least get the best ranking you can. Attempting to improve the ranking of your website unfairly is not one of my services.

In order to be ranked accurately, your website code must be structured to present information clearly to search engines. You will be advised on the judicious use of titles and headings and I will help you with adjustments to the text of your site to contain relevant keywords and phrases. I will set up your site so that much of what is needed will be provided automatically and I will happily advise you what other things you need to do to improve the position of your site in the listings.

The basic legitimate techniques of SEO I offer involve:

  • A website structure that presents information clearly to search engines
  • Judicious use of relevant titles and headings
  • Adjustments to the text of your site to contain relevant keywords and phrases
  • Exposing hidden content in text-imagery
  • Sensible and meaningful use of internal linking
  • Advice about quality back-linking

I cannot guarantee you a high ranking as this has much to do with the nature of your business and the quality of the competition. I have, however, managed to produce a number of sites which have appeared near the top of search results for the desired search terms.

I do not offer 'advanced' SEO or any illegitimate or 'black-hat' techniques.